Meeting the Alien You've spent the time to look around my site, and even clicked on a link to make contact with the alien himself. Me, Alien-e. Why Alien-e you ask? Well, when you are looking for a unique name to call yourself on the web, or in a network video game, or just a
handle to call yourself in a chat room, you tend look for something that's clever, that rolls off the tongue well, and (above all else) is not being used by someone else. My given name has been used so much on the web, I'd end up being Eric231075123 and 7. So, who the hell would want a handle like that? Not me, anyway. So the solution was simple. While playing a round of network Alien vs. Predator as (who else but,) the Alien. I added the first initial of my middle name to the end. It felt right. It was clever, rolled off the tongue well, and no one else had ever used it. Plus, when I was looking for a URL for a website, no one had taken it. So it stuck. I was Alien-e. No one ever calls me by that name, personally. In fact, no one ever calls me "E", either (except my cousin). I was tempted to call introduce myself as "E", so people would start calling me that. However, one weekend I met someone who went by the name "E" in Denton. It seemed to fit her edgy look, as she sported a purple mohawk So, in order to disassociate myself from her, and anyone else who goes by the name "E", I dropped the idea all together. So now, on the web, and in chat rooms, and almost anywhere else, I'm Alien-e. Oh, and if you want to contact me, just send me an e-mail at